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Ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration technique

1) Some places need not only to staff in the bad environment to provide a degree of comfort conditions, and need to work for equipment and processing technology of air conditioning products. For example: high temperature workshops, textile mills, paper mills, printing plant, the operation control of the film plant, machinery and equipment room, precision instrument workshop, precision machining, precision measuring room, computer room and other places need air conditioning system, provide each production environment required temperature and humidity conditions, to ensure the quality of the products or the normal work of the precision equipment characteristics.

2) Food freezing and cold storage of

cooling technology application in frozen and refrigerated foods (mainly for easy corrosion Such as fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and other foods) For cold working, cold storage and refrigerated transport, in order to reduce food consumption in the process of production and distribution, ensure each season market allocation. Have cold storage refrigeration device, refrigerated car, refrigerator, cold storage, refrigerated goods train cabinets, freezer and household refrigerator, etc.

3) Food processing

some of the food production and processing, such as dairy products, cheese, concentrated fruit juices and other beverages, refrigeration are indispensable. When mass production of beer, be about to rely on refrigeration to maintain 8 ~ 12 ℃ fermentation temperature. In addition, some biological products and food products stored by freeze drying method, can better keep food or material quality. Freeze drying is to put the food or biological material for low temperature fixed-line first, and then applies the method of time made of frozen water pumped from the material in the form of sublimation, is to use some instant coffee producers produced by this process.

4) Industrial production and the farming and animal husbandry

the refrigeration application in chemical industry are: gas, mixture separation, gas liquefying storage-transpor-tation, fuel and fertilizer production, and take away the heat of reaction in chemical reaction, etc. Machinery manufacturing, steel to make use of refrigeration low-temperature processing ( - 70 - - 90℃) , can change its microstructure, the austenite into martensite, improve the hardness and strength of the steel. In the iron and steel industry, the blast furnace blower need to use the method of cooling dehumidification, first and then into blast furnace, to reduce the coking ratio of molten iron, ensure the quality of molten iron. In material recycling, the use of cold short performance of materials under low temperature condition, the material can be recycled. The cryogenic comminution technology is in the recycling of steel scrap tire rubber is the most effective method.

in the farming and animal husbandry, refrigeration used in low temperature processing of crop seeds, building boards for artificial climate chamber, and save the good pedigree of semen and embryos, etc.
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