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Ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration system fault maintenance

Ultra-low temperature freezer in use process, if appear the condenser is not hot, refrigeration effect is poor, the phenomenon of frequent start, is likely is compressor compression failed; If the cryogenic refrigerator motor does not start properly, humming, and shows the start of the compressor failed; If not present other cryogenic refrigerator motor noise, via detecting its insulation resistance value is 0, winding resistance is very big, may be the compressor winding wire break. This phenomenon mainly caused by a bad compressor.
by checking if not found evaporator frosting, and refrigerator condenser low temperature and high pressure pipe, at the same time detecting compressor operation current is very small, the situation may be caused by industrial ice machine leakage completely, maintenance should check the industrial ice machine storage and related piping, find out the leakage parts for repair.
cryogenic refrigerator appeared when using intermittent or no refrigeration phenomenon, or heard not the voice of the refrigerant flow evaporator and condenser surface temperature is higher, these phenomena are often the cooling tube obstruction. Maintenance should be according to its specific performance judgment refrigeration tube obstruction degree, and then take corresponding measures to eliminate.
cryogenic refrigeration function drops, half frost or not frosted evaporator happen, and on its oil and sand holes, can judge the fridge evaporator appeared leak or remaining oil. Maintenance should be the first release industrial ice machine, and then a thorough cleaning.

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