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Ultra-low temperature freezer precool wolfberry freeze-dried preparation method

As the healthy development of the market, as well as people's attention, the health has the pharmacological effect, and the consumption of the beneficial supplement of Chinese wolfberry, naturally, the people's favorite. And vacuum freeze drying mechanism of freeze-dried medlar meet the current needs of the fast rhythm of people's life, people, hope Chinese wolfberry to leisure, convenient food supply situation of the market, in the relaxed and enjoy life at the same time for nutritional supplements and health of the body.

the following vacuum freeze-drying vendors would introduce you to a kind of with the aid of cryogenic refrigerator precool, producing method, and then freeze-dried medlar steps are as follows:

( 1) Material: select fresh wolfberry fruit with good quality;

( 2) To clean: rinse to remove dust and impurities in the water, remove to zhejiang after rinse clean water;

( 3) Precool: clean the clean of medlar, into the stainless steel tray, precooling to - into the cryogenic refrigerator 38℃;

( 4) Vacuum freeze drying, and then quickly turn into freeze-dried indoor, for products temperature da At 30 ℃, open the vacuum pump; When the vacuum degree of pa 450 begins to warm up the shelf heat gradient, in - 25 ℃ for 2. 5h,- 20° Keep 1 C. 5h,- 15 ℃ for 2. 5 h, viewed from the perspective window to be invisible to the naked eye products of ice crystals to exist, will long to 55 - shelf temperature 10-65 ℃, constant temperature 30-12 hours, analytic drying stage 35 ℃, temperature - 7 8 hours, the whole process of the vacuum pressure of drying chamber is 350 - 450 pa, the product moisture content under 4%;
( 5) Packing: after lyophilization, remove the freeze-dried medlar, sealed packaging.

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