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Ultra-low temperature freezer energy-saving measures and matters needing attention

During the hot summer, the use of ultra-low temperature freezer is more frequent. Here under cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers for you to summarize, ultra-low temperature freezer energy-saving measures and matters needing attention:
1, the new purchase or use, first time or after handling the ultra-low temperature freezer, must check before using equipment, must let stand for at least 24 hours or more to get electricity, not empty containers in the article, electricity boot. If it is - 86 degrees of ultra-low temperature freezer, need make freezers cooled to - first in stages 40 degrees, normal stop down to - again after open 60 degrees, the normal 8 hours later transferred to stop - open 80 degrees, observation of air-conditioner with normal stop open 24 hours, that of air-conditioner performance is normal.

2, according to minus 80 after confirmation of air-conditioner to normal operation, ultra-low temperature freezer to store items inside freezer, ultra-low temperature freezer, 80 degrees below zero in principle should be hold 60 degrees, no more than a third tank capacity. If the temperature is higher than - store items 60 degrees, the air-conditioner temperature should be set in the store items is higher than the temperature of the 3 degrees or so, If the temperature is 20 degrees, the cryogenic tank temperature setting in 23 degrees) So as to ensure the freezers downtime, and have a normal stop more than 8 hours.

3, ultra-low temperature freezer forbidden at once into the relative humidity is too high, too much can cause the captain of the compression time don't stop, don't drop in temperature and easy to burn down compressor. Also, items must be partial, ladder temperature cooling, until the cold!

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