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Ultra-low temperature freezer door design requirements

Door in the role of cryogenic refrigerator except with heat preservation also must have good sealing, around the traditional household refrigerator door inner panel of the body is equipped with a layer of sealing strip, sealing strip connected to the panel, the structure of sealing door insulation effect is poor, do not apply to the ultra-low temperature freezer is used.
ultra-low temperature freezer door design requirements can be achieved through the following measures a cryogenic double sealed door, equipped with outside plate, inner panel, board and the panel is equipped with thermal insulation layer between outside, outside board is equipped with handles, inner panel is equipped with sealing strip around, its characteristic is the internal panel has strengthen the sealing strip seals inside. In order to further increase the heat preservation effect, sealing strip and strengthen a space between the sealing strip, sealing strip and strengthens the sealing strip is connected by the connection bar.
due to adopting the above structure, has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing effect, sealing strip and strengthen a space between the sealing strip, take full advantage of the characteristics of the air insulating, causes the cryogenic refrigerator heat preservation effect was further improved.
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