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Ultra-low temperature cold water machine introduction and application field

Cold water machine according to the temperature, can be divided into the normal temperature cold water machine, ultra-low temperature freezer, cold water machine. Ultra-low temperature cold water machine generally refers to the temperature is below zero or more than one hundred degrees below zero water industrial ice machine. The freezing medium, usually with methanol, ethanol, salt water, etc. With the continuous development of science and technology, ultra-low temperature cold water machine is high peak industry indispensable important equipment.

ultra-low temperature cold water machine application fields:

1, in the field for the YAG laser for laser working medium of the laser processing equipment, including laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser marking and other cooling equipment;

2, aerospace science and industry field, as a rocket fuel for cooling;

3, plastic industry, acrylic class clothes reel off raw silk from cocoons, must by temperature industrial ice machine to reel off raw silk from cocoons of three roll unit for cooling, otherwise it will cause spins change paste causing fire;

4, coating industry, vacuum ion plating is now the main method of coating industry, and vacuum ion coating machine due to the working features, boot need high temperature, normal work but soon by the need to reduce temperature, otherwise unable to function properly, resulting in serious losses. It's need to reduce the temperature quickly with ultra-low temperature cold water machine;

5, building industry, due to the large volume concrete cooling equipment can not reach the effect, this would require the use of industrial cooling equipment for cooling, ultra-low temperature cold water machine is generally used for cooling.

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