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Two water calcium chloride and CFCS

As cold water machine the indispensable partner, simply said two characteristics of calcium.
2 calcium chloride in water decoloring agent, in addition to heavy metals, arsenic removal agent solution purification, filtration to remove impurities, filtrate the cooling crystallization, the purification, clarification, evaporation, after the separation of sodium chloride, the cooling system.
the characteristics of the dihydrate calcium chloride is a colorless crystalline, general merchandise to white, can accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistant ability building mortar, also serve as a port of the antifogging agent and road dust collection agent. Soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. Is corrosive. Used as a coolant, antifreeze, fire extinguishing agent.

then see CFC.
the CFC is a greenhouse gas. Chemical properties is stable, at very low temperatures will evaporate, and therefore is an ideal industrial ice machine refrigerator freezer.
the CFC can be used to do hair gel, insecticide aerosol cans. Also can be used as a plastic foam foaming agent, a lot of places are used in everyday life foam plastic, such as the thermal insulation layer of freezer, household electrical appliances cushioning packaging materials, etc.
liquid helium chemical inertness and characteristics such as lighter than air, helium is often used in the ship or advertising balloons in filling the gas. Because of its special low boiling point liquid helium as priceless treasure in the field of cryogenics.
can be used for cryogenic liquid helium cooling. In suspension train in areas such as widely attention in the application of superconductor, helium is indispensable. It is lighter than air, widely used in the airship, balloons and to replace it with highly flammable hydrogen gas.
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