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Two factors affecting the power consumption of the cool cabinet

We all know that the operation of the cool cabinet will not be carried out all the time. It will stop working when the temperature reaches a predetermined value. It will continue to run until the temperature rises. The length of the operation time is very closely related to our power consumption. The power will increase with the running time, so in order to better save power, we need to figure out what factors are related to the power consumption of the shade cabinet?     1. The ambient temperature.     Ambient temperature has a direct impact on the power consumption of the cool cabinet, because the higher the ambient temperature, the slower the heat dissipation of the fresh meat cabinet, and the slower temperature drop in the cabinet will lead to a longer boot time, thereby increasing power consumption. The data shows that when the ambient temperature is 30°C, the power consumption of the cool cabinet is 1.6 to 1.8 times that of 25°C, and when the ambient temperature reaches 32°C, it is twice that of 25°C.    2. Adjust the thermostat's gear position. The power consumption of      shade cabinets is also directly related to the temperature maintained in the cabinet. The lower the temperature in the cabinet, the more power it consumes. There are thermostats in the cool cabinets. The higher the gear, the lower the temperature inside the cabinet, the large temperature difference between inside and outside the cabinet and the large loss of cooling capacity will prolong the startup time and increase power consumption.     The above two aspects are the factors that affect the power consumption of the cool cabinet.
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