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Tuna ultra-low temperature freezer benefits

Sea fishing sports popularization, also in the cryogenic refrigerator provides market and opportunities. Introduces a XiaDiao tuna processing skills.

1 avoid jumping fish, fish on the deck, can't let it jump. So as not to cause body flesh blood clot. After blood. 5 times the area of muscle damage. Especially in the abdomen. Processing method is. On the carpet. Both hands hold the fisheye. Or by the head of the hammer fish. But be careful not to break the, immediately after the bloodletting.

2 cut the tail. Usually use a sharp knife to cut off between the bottom third of the back section 6. For larger fish. In order to prevent the cut after the end of the announcement. From bottom to between 4 and 5 day.

3 cut off their pectoral fins at the back of the blood vessels. Usually in the back of my tuna pectoral fins are two arteriovenous vessels. In its place cut apart. Cut off the edge of 5 cm deep. 4 cm long. Cut more appropriate level. Such as blade cut too deep. Learn to invade the meat ministry. Wasteful. Even the fish in the water have died. Above mentioned above is a must.

4 cut heart arteries, former head head in front of the artery in the heart will be cut off. The fish is washed with water. And then to make. Gill lining, cut a hole in pipes will water pumping, basic no blood to tail.

5 insert pin in the back of my head, cartilage damage fish brain, so that the fish in a state of death. The location of the pin insertion point inside the head or cavity or fish-eye on top.

6 to the guts and the gills. Use a sharp knife in the abdomen from the anus open to pectoral fins. Remove the fish's internal organs. With sea water is rinsed clean. Gill the fish with a water flushing abdominal cut gill is periosteum along the edge of gill slit, remove part of the gill, gill, gills cut back almost as large as possible, preferably with a knife the gills medial horizontal pushing until reach the bone, and then from upper straight cut the gills of fish gills. Make the product good sense.

7 washing. Clean it with fish, must from the tail to scrub, head in the water bath, and then respectively by preparation room to room ice frozen clothes, cold, make commercial fish meet high quality requirement.
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