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Tuna preservation techniques

As a main tuna fridge, we in the understanding of products at the same time also want to know the sale of our products.

simple say fresh tuna.

1 bilge and bulkhead treatment. Bilge and bulkhead to 30 cm ice shop, put the fish leave the bulkhead 30 cm. Fill the void with ice.

2 ice from fish mouth to abdomen dirty inside the gills, stuffed with reality.

3, negative body flat, negative interval of 30 cm, middle filled with ice, each layer of ice fish stay 30 cm, fish is put between layer and layer to stagger, form a triangle, and end the horse, placed after the seal on the ice, ice cover is, so icefish process is over.

4 on ice and ice cover twice, generally before icefish on the second day, the day before to the icefish ice break again, after covering a layer of ice, icefish again.

5 ice fresh fish tank, the temperature of control in 0 & deg; c— 2° C between advisable, highest do not exceed 5 & deg; C

6 ice fresh last period is 12 days, 14 days is the limit, more than 14 will gradually deteriorate.
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