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Tube ice machine limit protection

The ice packing machines is given the conventional overheating and high pressure. The overheating value is the same as the overheating value of the normal compressor. The butterfly bimetal is given as the overheating value. The high pressure value is given to the pressure controller when the condensing pressure is higher than 3.1MPa. Turn off, reset to turn on below 2.01MPa. In addition to the conventional overheating and high-pressure protection of the ice maker, the controller also has two built-in Enron limits to ensure that the main components of the ice maker are not damaged. 1#Anran limit: If the ice making time exceeds 60 minutes, the controller will automatically harvest the ice at the earliest. If the ice making time exceeds 60 minutes for 3 consecutive times, the ice maker will shut down. 2#Enron limit: If the harvest time exceeds 3.5 minutes, the ice maker controller will end the harvest time and return to the ice making session. If the 3 ice harvest time exceeds 3.5 minutes, the tube ice maker will shut down. When the ice machine shuts down due to Enron restriction, you can turn the function switch to 'Stop'-'Control' according to the 'HARVEST' indicator on the controller. 'Ice' harvest/Enron limit The 'HARVEST' indicator flashes once to indicate activation by 1# Enron limit, and twice flashes indicates activation by 2# Enron limit. After the Enron limit instruction ends, the ice maker will restart until the Enron limit is exceeded again. If the obstruction eliminates the air connection of the tube ice machine, the normal ice making 100 times Enron limit instruction will be eliminated. The controller will only store the last exceeded Enron limit. Turn the function switch to 'Shutdown' before the 100 times normal ice making has arrived. -The 'Ice Making' ice maker will indicate the last Enron limit. If the ice machine is restarted, the ice harvesting/Enron limit 'HARVEST' indicator does not flash, indicating that the shutdown has nothing to do with the Enron limit.
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