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Tube ice machine evaporator structure

The structure of the tube ice packing machines mainly includes the evaporator, condenser, water storage tank, compressor, and liquid reservoir. Among them, the evaporator has the most complicated structure, the highest precision requirements, and the most difficult production. Tube ice packing machines evaporator structure: The evaporator consists of a cylinder, vertical and parallel steel pipes, sprinklers, and ice skates. The deflector at the top of the evaporator sprinkles water evenly into each steel pipe in a spiral manner. The excess water is collected by the bottom water tank and pumped back to the evaporator by the water pump. There is refrigerant flowing in the outer space of the steel pipe and heat exchange with the water in the pipe, and the water in the shut is gradually cooled down into ice. When the thickness of the tube ice reaches the desired value, the water automatically stops flowing. The hot refrigerant gas will enter the evaporator to melt the tube ice and fall off. When the tube ice falls, the ice cutting mechanism operates to cut the tube ice into a set size. The steel tubes and ice skates of the Icesource tube ice packing machines evaporator are made of stainless steel. The tube ice produced is edible, and the tube ice is well formed, transparent, hard and beautiful, and has a good reputation in the industry.
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