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Traders, Thank You for Making Our Friendship Last Forever

Traders, Thank You for Making Our Friendship Last Forever


On March 22nd, 2018, a group of foreign traders in China were invited to Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Headquarters to participate in a unique networking event.

The time of the event was from 2pm to 7pm, and around 1:30pm, guests all came one after another. The vast majority of them are old friends of Guangzhou icesource refrigeration. There are also some new friends who come here for the first time as karma calls. 

Every year is a new year. The company moved to a new place. With a larger scale, the existing products have been upgraded, and new products have been put on the line. This depends on the hard work of all the people in the icesource. It depends on the support of old and new friends. In the conference room, colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Trade introduced the development history, business and existing products of the icesource. He also disclosed various promotion policies for the icesource at the upcoming Canton Fair and presented them with coupons. 

Following the tasting event, we invited everyone to taste the company's latest products, crystal clear ball ice and delicious nugget ice.

The so-called "better news" is not as good as it has been. The meeting room has spoken more, and it is also on paper. This time the purpose of inviting everyone to come must be to see the real scene of the workshop. This is the best way to demonstrate the strength of the icesource. The beauty colleagues of the Ministry of Foreign Trade personally went to the company to escort them all the time and kept answering questions for everyone. The foreign language proficiency was the basis, and professional skills were the guarantee. Both were indispensable. For those talented and beautiful women, this was completely a piece of cake.

At 5 o'clock, everyone returned to the conference room to participate in the raffle and talent show. Eventually, the event ended in a fun dinner and a laughing and dancing. As the sun set, the small building of the icesource bathed in the sunset, reflecting our friendship forever.

CBFI-Traders, Thank You For Making Our Friendship Last Forever