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Top ten flake ice machine brands, a comprehensive list of flake ice machine brands

The ice flakes produced by the flake ice machine are dry, low in temperature, and have a huge surface area of u200bu200bflake ice. Compared with other ice machines, the flake ice machine consumes the least power. It is widely used in food processing, meat and poultry preservation, and supermarket fresh food. It is the most widely used cbfi ice machine. The development of flake ice machine for more than 20 years has accumulated many brands. The editor cited the top ten brands of flake ice machines recognized by consumers one by one, and they have a certain market share.

One, snowman snowkey
Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2000 with a registered capital of 670 million yuan. The company's headquarters is located in Binhai Industrial Zone, Fuzhou, Fujian Province. It currently has two industrial parks in Binhai and Liren, with more than 1,000 employees. The company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen A-share SME board on December 5, 2011, and currently has more than 10 physical subsidiaries. In 2016, the company has assets of 3 billion yuan and an output value of 800 million yuan. In the past few years, the company's profitability, operating cash flow and growth have maintained a good momentum.
Fujian Snowman brand flake ice machine, the industry leader, but the price is higher, the flake ice machine business is less than 1/10 of the company's total business, Snowman has transferred its main business to the downstream of the ice machine, compressors, refrigeration accessories, Refrigeration solutions, etc.

2. Bingquan Sindeice
Shenzhen Bingquan System Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in Ru0026D, design, production and sales, engineering installation and after-sales service of ice machines. The company is located in Shenzhen Mei'ao Industrial Park, covering an area of u200bu200b7000 square meters. The company independently designs and produces 'Sindeice' brand flake ice machines, tube ice machines, block ice machines, fluid ice machines, marine ice machines, ice evaporators, container ice machines and other ice making equipment. Efficient company operation mode, quality control management with everyone's participation, international first-line brand raw materials, Bingquan ice-making equipment has been fully recognized by the market, and 260 agent dealers have been developed nationwide.

Bingquan Sindeice flake ice machine, the market share of the country's top three, supermarket flake ice machine, aquatic flake ice machine and other industrial ice machines are well recognized by consumers. Bingquan flake ice machine is cost-effective, adopts first-line brand raw materials, the equipment is guaranteed for 18 months, and the whole country is guaranteed.

Three, brother ICESTA
Shenzhen Brother System Co., Ltd. (brother ice for short) and its self-developed ICESTA flake ice machine have emerged in the ice making industry at a remarkable speed in recent years. The company currently covers an area of u200bu200b8,000, with an annual output value of more than 80 million yuan. Brother Ice System uses the world's leading ice-making technology and integrates self-innovation solutions to launch a unique series of ICESTA brand products. After years of market tests, the company’s products have been highly praised and respected by the demanding European, American and Australian regions in terms of quality; in operation and use, the use of an intelligent control system that is unsupervised and the machine can automatically switch and protect is a leader. The trend of ice making automation in the eleventh century.
Brother ICESTA, it has been successful in overseas markets. The flake ice machine is second only to the snowman equipment in the concrete industry.

Four, icesnow
Established in June 2003, it is a refrigeration equipment company integrating Ru0026D, production, sales, engineering installation and after-sales service. Committed to the production of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment, complete refrigeration systems, ice machines, flake production machines, direct cooling block ice machines, ice cube machines, water chillers, ice slurry machines, condensers, refrigeration units, food refrigeration and preservation, concrete Professional refrigeration equipment such as cooling. The company is located in Pingdi Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, which runs through Yanlong Avenue and has fast and convenient transportation. It has a garden-style modern industrial park covering an area of u200bu200bnearly 10,000 square meters.

Keeler Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of ice machines, always insists on independent research and development of products, standardized management system and systematic quality assurance. Focus on the strategic positioning in the field of 'professional, high-end, and responsible' ice making machines. Based on the Pearl River Delta region, radiating across the country, and facing the world is Kohler's vision to achieve a great company.

Six, Lier
Shenzhen Lier Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an ice machine equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production and development, sales, engineering installation and after-sales service of ice machines. The company covers an area of u200bu200bnearly 10,000 square meters of industrial park-style production plants, professional ice machine production equipment and advanced ice machine production technology, and a modern corporate team management model, and a complete quality management process system. The company has a complete set of complete ice machine processing and production workshops, ice machine assembly workshops, and ice machine product adjustment workshops. The company's strong production and manufacturing capabilities and mature and advanced ice machine technology are currently among the top 10 in the country. One of the largest brand manufacturers of large-scale ice making machines.

Seven, Bingquan CBFI
Guangzhou Bingquan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. (trademark CBFI) is a domestic and global company that integrates research and development of large-scale edible ice-making equipment, large-scale industrial ice-making equipment, high-end commercial ice-making machines, and complete ice-making systems. An innovative and entrepreneurial high-tech enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. It is a large-scale ice factory and cold storage engineering solution service provider.

There are many flake ice machine brands. The editor only lists the more famous flake ice machines in China. Other flake ice machine brands will not be introduced one by one. In addition to the above brands, there are Shanghai Wuhu, Jiangsu Ferguson, Shandong Iceman Top ten brands of flake ice machine such as, Snowwell and so on.
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