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Tomographic counter unit into structure is introduced

Tomographic ark also called tomographic freezers, samples or low temperature cold storage is mainly used for chromatography experiment. Is a professional manufacturer of chromatography ark, tomographic ark after 12 years of development, according to different types of applications in the field of has to be complete, there is a single, two-door, ordinary, versatility, and NGC series, stainless steel series, clean room dedicated series and so on, can also according to user needs to do the calibration.

chromatography counter unit into structure is introduced:

1, the refrigeration system standard refrigeration system consists of compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, solenoid valve, etc.

pipe, in turn, connect these devices to form a closed system. System is working, the compressor of the evaporator is low temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor to the cylinder, the compressor compressed, pressure, Higher temperature) To slightly greater than the pressure inside the condenser, the refrigeration system inside the cylinder of high pressure steam in the condenser. ( Role to play in compression and transport industrial ice machine compressor so) High temperature and high pressure in the condenser refrigerant vapor with low temperature air ( Or the normal temperature water) Heat transfer and condensation of liquid refrigerant when liquid refrigerant cooling after expansion valve ( Buck) After into the evaporator, after absorbing heat cooling objects within the evaporator in the vaporization. For cooling and cooling objects and industrial ice machine vapor compressor suck, so after compression, condensation, expansion in the refrigeration system, evaporation process of four complete a cycle.

2, temperature control system,

the core component of temperature control system is a temperature sensor, temperature sensor for temperature automatic sampling, real-time monitoring, when the environment temperature is higher than the control set point control circuit starts, you can set the control back to the poor. Such as the temperature rose, when reaches the set point of transfinite alarm temperature, start the transfinite alarm function. When controlled temperature can not get effective control, in order to prevent the destruction of the equipment can be controlled by the function of the trip to stop the equipment to continue running.

temperature control system in ark of chromatography is an important hardware, mainly depends on the sensitivity of the sensor, the number and distribution, also want to focus on temperature control performance, in general, parameters such as temperature, temperature control precision is a thermostat to determine, and the relationship of chromatography ark is not big, some temperature control system can control temperature range is very wide, but the actual temperature control need according to the refrigeration system to determine the chromatography ark itself; Temperature uniformity also need and chromatography ark combination is good effect.

3, air duct design tomographic ark inside the duct design is the most easy to ignore the part of the manufacturers, and air duct design is reasonable will directly affect the temperature stability and uniformity of ark of chromatography, directly affect the overall effect. Tomographic cabinet interior design should take into account the difference between the proportion of cold and hot air, application of active supply air fan, active uniform air flow in the whole cabinet put oneself in another's position inside the form; There also need to consider whether can form a short-range air circulation, open the door of cabinet put oneself in another's position when the influence of the air flow should be minimized, the design of the fan air supply ability, etc.

4, chromatography accessories
the multi-function chromatography ark can satisfy the requirement of chromatography experiment in general cases, give attention to two or morethings arrives drugs save demand, in order to improve the efficiency of the use of chromatography ark, so first should configure fixed column chromatography column and clip, then need to configure the shelf placement equipment ( Can have a certain bearing capacity) , you also need to configure the internal power, general should be waterproof and leakage of the socket; Drugs save function is need to configure the corresponding number of rack, and can request and chromatography with shelf for replacement, used by chromatography column and clip should be removed or not affect drug store rack.

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