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Tomographic cabinet refrigeration system is introduced

Tomographic ark also called tomographic freezers, chromatography experiment of air-conditioner, is designed for biochemical chromatography experiment and development of the special purpose of cryogenic tank, also can be used for other need low temperature environment experiment, or used for refrigerated items. Tomographic cabinet refrigeration system consists of compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, solenoid valve, etc.

pipe, in turn, connect these devices to form a closed system. System is working, the compressor of the evaporator is low temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor to the cylinder, the compressor compressed, pressure, Higher temperature) To slightly greater than the pressure inside the condenser, the refrigeration system inside the cylinder of high pressure steam in the condenser. ( Role to play in compression and transport refrigerant compressor so) High temperature and high pressure in the condenser refrigerant vapor with low temperature air ( Or the normal temperature water) Heat transfer and condensation of liquid refrigerant when liquid refrigerant cooling after expansion valve ( Buck) After into the evaporator, after absorbing heat cooling objects within the evaporator in the vaporization. For cooling and cooling objects and refrigerant vapor compressor suck, so after compression, condensation, expansion in the refrigeration system, evaporation process of four complete a cycle.

tomographic cabinet refrigeration system principle as shown in the figure below:
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