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To count the cooling circulating water applications

Cooling circulation water machine ( Cold water machine) With its flexibility, refrigeration effect is good and easy to apply, and the contradiction of water shortage increasingly prominent, and equipment ( Especially precision instruments) More and more high to the requirement of water quality and temperature of the cooling water, cooling circulating water machine has become the first selection of more and more users.

below small make up to you to count the cooling circulating water areas of application:

analysis instrument, including control spectrometer mass spectrometer viscometer rotation fermentation device the temperature of the rotary evaporation apparatus, make the instrument run continuously for a long time, improve the efficiency of analysis test;

plastic industry: accurate control of all kinds of plastic processing of mould temperature, shortening the period of bei plastic, ensure the stable quality of product. For plastic processing machinery molding mold cooling, can greatly improve the plastic products surface finish, reduce plastic products surface grain mark and internal stress, don't make products to shrink, deformation, is advantageous for the plastic mold release, accelerate product, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the production of plastic molding machine;

electronics industry: to stabilize the molecular structure of the electronic components inside on the production line, improve the qualified rate of electronic components;

ultrasonic cleaning industry: effectively prevent expensive cleaner volatilization and volatile bring harm to the person;

: electroplating industry control plating temperature, increasing the density of the plated parts and smooth, shorten electroplating cycle, improve production efficiency, improve product quality. Mechanical industry:

control hydraulic system pressure oil temperature, the stability of hydraulic oil temperature, prolong the life time of the oil and improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication, reducing wear and tear;

building industry: supply chilled water of concrete, the molecular structure of concrete for construction purposes, effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete;

vacuum coating: control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine, to ensure the high quality of plating thing;

the food industry: food processing after rapid cooling, make it adapt to the packaging requirements. In addition to control the temperature of the fermented foods, etc. ;

chemical fiber industry: freeze drying air, to ensure product quality.

the pharmaceutical industry: mainly used in the production workshop in the process of temperature and humidity control and active pharmaceutical ingredients (apis) out of the heat of reaction;

chemical industry: mainly used in chemical reaction kettle ( Chemical heat exchanger) Cool cool, take away the intense heat generated by chemical reaction in time so as to achieve cooling ( Cooling) Purpose to improve the product quality.

machine tool industry: applied in nc machine tools, coordinate boring machine, grinding machine, machining centers and combination machine tools and all kinds of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system transmission medium cooling, can precisely control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of machine tools, improve the machining precision of machine tools.

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