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Tide shan flavor, See the beauty of the world

July 28, 2020

Chaoshan flavor tour finally set out on a sunny Sunday! Guangzhou Icesource’s family members sit nearly on the high-speed train to Chaoshan station. As soon as we got off the high-speed train, you can feel the hot wind and the sun coming from Chaoshan, and the sky is as blue as washing.



The Nan’ao Island

The first stop came to known as the ‘Pearl of the East of Guangdong Sea’, said Nanao Island. Guangdong province is the only island country. On the way, we passed the Nao’ao bridge, the only channel connecting the pearl from the sea and the mainland. We saw the national pearl farm and the house crawling with a big crocodile under the guidance of the guide. We listened to the guide with great interest, put aside our work for a while, and enjoyed the trip.

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 After checking into the hotel, some friends can’t wait to plunge into the sea and enjoyed the sun and the beach. The Nan’ao beach after evening, with the gentle sea breeze and changing sunset seems more gentle and intriguing. After dinner, we took a walk on the sea, or find some snakes together. The biggest surprise was the sunrise on Nan’ao island. That was so amazing!


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If Nan’ao island had to see the beautiful scenery, the Shantou must be to eat food! After arriving in Shantou, the first meal ‘Chenghai lion head goose flavor’ first conquered everyone’s taste buds. While after nightfall, different kinds of special food seemed to want to firmly hold everyone’s stomach. In the afternoon, under the guidance of the tour guide, we visited the arcade building in the small park, and felt the charm of the old city in Shantou.


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From Shantou we set out on a trip straight to the historical and cultural city-Chaozhou. We went back and forth in the alleys of ancient village of Chaozhou Longhu, walking on the ancient stone road, listening to the guide explaining the historical stories and legends of ancestral halls and mansions. It seems that they went back to the history. Then we visited xiangzi Bridge, ‘the earliest open-close bridge ’ in the world. The unique style of ‘18 shuttle boat with 24 axis’ has attracted every person from ichique to take numerous beautiful photos here. Afterwards, we visited Kaiyuan Temple, which has a history of more than 1200 years, and continued to enjoy a wave of delicious food in Paifang Street. Finally, i clocked the same place as the movie ‘shy from first’-Han wengong Temple.



The four-day and three-night trip to Chaoshan had come to a happy end. We had taken many delicious food, beautiful scenery and beautiful moments in this trip. Looking forward to seeing you on next trip!


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