Tian Feng vacuum freezing dryer has been constantly in the field of biological pharmacy

by:CBFI     2020-10-03
Has been 12 years of vacuum freeze drying machine research and development and production experience, with the improving of the strength of our company, research and development of the patented product HFD small vacuum freeze drying machine, get the market and large vacuum freeze drying machine in the field of food, biological pharmaceutical market response. The domestic brand vacuum freeze dryer, the recent good news constantly in biomedical field.

not long ago, just finished to Taiwan user installation and debugging a 3 square biopharmaceutical with vacuum freeze drying machine ( PLC control system) 。


in the near future and a biopharmaceutical company through various understanding for many times, finally confirm to cooperate with our company, ordering a gland type vacuum freeze drying machine, freeze-dried covers an area of 2 square.

2 square large biopharmaceutical gland type vacuum freeze drier ( Is in production)
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