Tian Feng vacuum freezing dryer focused on soil sample preparation

by:CBFI     2020-10-03
Vacuum freezing dryer focused on soil sample preparation
the soil pollution is heavier, the soil environmental quality, GongKuangYe remnant soil environment problem is outstanding, the soil total point which is 16. 1%. In such a serious soil pollution situation, to protect the existing can't repair contaminated area pollution of soil and soil become a top priority. Both for the repair of contaminated soil and the protection of uncontaminated soil, soil monitoring have become a priority.

soil samples have been commonly adopt the way of air drying or low temperature drying processing, but defect is low efficiency, long dry, susceptible to soil samples, the losing of microbes to detect true get soil data. A few years ago, some environmental monitoring departments take the lead in using imported lyophilizer as dry disposal equipment, but as a result of using general rather than specialized equipment, lead to high investment, low returns. In dry soil sample processing under the premise of the market blank, with more than a decade of vacuum freeze drying machine research and development and production experience, in a vacuum freeze drier and pilot experiment with a small soil type vacuum freeze drier soil, make sure that the soil organic matter, microorganism, prototyping, soil, soil samples and test the material before the stay, to ensure the authenticity and validity of monitoring soil samples.

the vacuum freeze drier soil parameters:


TF - 陕西林业局。 10

dry area

1 ㎡

barrier layer

6 + 1

clapboard temperature range

- 50℃本; + 70 ℃

clapboard temperature

& plusmn; 1℃












≤ - 70℃( No-load)

catch water capacity

16 kg / 24 h

in tray liquid

16 l

electric defrosting



& le; 10 pa


the air-filled: well ventilated, room temperature & le; 25 ℃

tamponade way

hydraulic pressure on plug

reference dimension

1000 mm * 1150 mm * 1600 mm

the machine power

7 kw ( Including electric heating 2 kw)

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