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Tian Feng user experience

After is not just found that the problem to solve the problem. Will also be active to seek the best service. Here are some user experience.

Mr. Liu:

to choose completely is a kind of accident, refrigeration exhibition in Shanghai, my friend saw this platform, the two data to collect it. Two months later, I went to his office, he saw the information, very interested in, their product is complete, mainly looks clean and generous. So I make a phone call to consult. Miss li had to say on the phone, here on the very detailed patient, and sound very nice. Ha ha, after the detailed introduction, I know this is what I want.

what is a cold water machine door-to-door delivery, help to install the circuit, using six months old, very stable, technical staff has to call the communication, use notes, very detailed. Feel very sweet. Weakness is miss li's voice is too good to listen! I want to buy one.

Li Gong:

the lyophilizer, are specified to brand, I start to purchasing department are still in the bargain I will just say, what the company is the best, our company's drug test, must want to use this brand. I am familiar with the product, accurate, the most important is the accuracy. This experiment is very important to the requirement of accuracy, and is the best. Second is stable, and the stability of the absolute are the best in the industry. Purchasing to buy when I come back, I was relieved. Wish I could do better more.
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