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Tian Feng tech - — Cold water machine the

Working principle of the experiment device

this experiment device consists of refrigeration systems, air heating system, wind system and data acquisition system. In the mechanism of cold air cooled cold water system, refrigerant in the condenser gives off heat, the theory should be equal to the air in the process of cooling industrial ice machine away heat.

use data display and acquisition system, test before and after the air-cooled condenser refrigerant vapor and liquid temperature, pressure, and can calculate the heat released during the process of refrigerant in the condenser.

measured wind supply air pressure, Static pressure) And condenser and the temperature of the air, can calculate the air heat away. In the refrigerant gives off heat and air to heat along with basic balance, the data processing to calculate the coefficient of heat transfer in the condenser.


1. Test conditions ( r22) Condensation temperature can be selected 50 & deg; Or 54 & deg; ( Corresponding exhaust pressure for p) Evaporation temperature can select 5 & deg; Or 7 & deg; ( Corresponding to the suction pressure for p)

2. Operating mode stability condition

exhaust pressure range should be controlled in condensation temperature corresponding to the absolute pressure of the 1 p

inspiratory pressure range should be controlled in evaporation temperature corresponding to the absolute pressure of the 1 p

the condenser inlet air temperature should be not less than 30 & deg;

3. Condition adjustment

the exhaust pressure regulation: by changing condenser to the method of air volume and air supply temperature.

inspiratory pressure regulation: with the change of the throttle valve into the evaporating dish refrigeration dose method.

send air volume adjustment: with pieces of paper on the throttle gate wind tunnel ventilation method can change the delivery.

supply air temperature control: with the change to the air heater water ( After electrical heater heating the water) Method can change the supply air temperature ( If the room temperature is low, will open a heat pump units, room temperature rise around 27 degrees) 。
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