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Tian Feng small food vacuum freeze drier with wechat business cooperation

A lot of people know, now in addition to electricity, there is also a wechat business. Is growing as the WeChat user groups, enough to compete with QQ chat software, and then rise in WeChat friends group - to promote their products - Wechat business for short.

small make up yesterday received a customer in person, by understanding, he is a dedicated to do food fruit and vegetable wechat business, has used the dryer before doing it. And my house HFD series has always been a concern in situ small food vacuum freeze drying machine ( Hereinafter referred to as: small food lyophilizer) 。

a, customer review

1, through in the workshop at small food vacuum freeze drying machine production, information HFD series of small food vacuum freeze drying machine, accessories, refrigeration compressor, selects the international famous brand - Danfoss.

2, watch is making the sample of the boot to the user, the awareness of small food vacuum freeze drying machine working condition. And said smaller than they use voice in the operation of the dryer.

3, and we prepared fruits and vegetables before lyophilization effect ( Vacuum packing) , is very satisfied with the effect of freeze-dried.

the customer is satisfied with said, at the same time puts forward several questions on cooperation, our company technical personnel and one by one to answer:

(1) whether can work continuously? A: ok.

2) after-sale warranty problem ( Users in suzhou) ? A: one year warranty, after-sales phone mobile 24 hours, the more have cooperation service teacher, if you need the door, will be the first time for you to solve.

in the end, wechat business customers originally ran with 0. 1 square small food freeze drying machine, through a comparison, finally decided to choose 0. Four square small food vacuum freeze dryer. Sign a contract and pay the deposit, the guidance by technicians freeze drier related operations.

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