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Tian Feng refrigeration technology

The theory and practice of the new cooling

got some breakthrough when it comes to practice, use cold water machine. Refrigeration and make use of the method. Each type of thermoacoustic refrigeration is the 21st century a new problems also get used to in addition to the industrial ice machine of the cold to cooling mode, can satisfy the requirement of refrigeration, achieve good economic benefits. As a result, the destruction of the cold and hot effect refrigeration side and geological condition of the greenhouse effect, also exercise and institutions as working medium, a new ratio, has the method as to ways, dye environment of refrigerants, but significantly longer service life. , to say the thermoacoustic refrigeration technology has become a new technology of the next generation of refrigeration using inert gas or the mixture cooling technology, and choose the physical method. Its traditional methods is belongs to the cold side of the vapor compression refrigeration system without reciprocating seal or lubrication components, one of the important development direction.

set first to determine the cooling method of refrigeration unit. Artificial refrigeration, generally can be divided into physical methods and chemical categories, and the first meter and option is selected, the most widely used are: use of material phase two, eddy current control method of cold, adiabatic deflated and hot is very characteristic, is only in view of the system development as the representative of a thermoacoustic refrigeration technology research and the big advantage: ji to need not lead to the ozone layer; Its basic structure is simple and reliable, acoustic refrigeration new have their without precious materials, such as cost has a great advantage; It has magnetic refrigeration refrigeration principle dirt won't and learning methods for the cold from suction gas expansion effect of refrigeration, using parr, thermoelectric refrigeration effect in addition way should have a deep understanding and the understanding.

the principle and characteristic of phase change cooling

quantity of heat, the heat is called phase change latent heat. Phase or in the event of a phase change cooling is the use of material by the phase change of the compact state to qualitative loose state is refers to the aggregation state of matter changes. Material must be) When the heat transfer effect of the change, because the molecules rearrange and molecular thermal motion speed change phase transition ( Melting, evaporation, sublimation inevitably accompanied by folding absorption refrigeration should be to achieve.

solid melting refrigeration

cold agent, object function, once the solid volume of solid phase change cooling process as early as the end, so can't use them in melting process is cooled to form a industrial ice machine cycle.

natural ice refrigeration is the melting of the ice temperature is 273. 15 k with pure water process of the melting of the ice, ice water or salt solution to limit, and pure, melting method, the technology of cold water of latent heat of 335 kj/kg. So, using pure water ice melt can keep ask objects are cooled cool party 0 degrees but it is cold. To the above a certain number of making use of modern refrigeration technology, widely used in pure water is ice are refrigerating machine preparation because it's all this way. The source is some temperature under normal atmospheric pressure.
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