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Tian Feng new small freeze drier in pilose antler medicines freeze-drying processing advantages

The new small freeze drier in pilose antler medicines freeze-drying processing advantages, first of all, traditional lyophilization machine equipment on the market price is too expensive, is difficult to promote in the individual and the collective household deer. Ten years has been focusing on the r&d and production of the lyophilizer, developed in 2017, with different domestic past traditional lyophilization machine, the new small in-situ lyophilizer HFD series, freeze-dried optional area 0. 1 square, 0. Four square, 0. 6 square. And compared to domestic same freeze-dried area of the lyophilizer equipment, has a price advantage, quality is stable. Suitable for individual and collective household deer in the promotion.

again velvet antler is a very high economic value of medicinal herbs, fill with replenishing qi, male, born in essence, blood, puzzle, blood stasis, detumescence, invigorate the circulation etc. Fresh velvet antler velvet antler freeze-drying processing is to vacuum low temperature drying, processed into velvet antler freeze-dried or velvet antler producing, so that the preservation and transportation. Velvet antler freeze-dry processing technology of good or bad directly affects the quality of the products and economic benefits, is extremely important link in the production of a deer.

in the end, under the condition of high vacuum, make the water in fresh velvet antler frozen into ice, sublimation drying directly into one activity pilose antler, can maximum limit keep velvet antler in the effective components and their biological activities. Therefore, active antler quality is better.
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