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Tian Feng manufacturer: ultra-low temperature freezer daily maintenance little common sense

With the continuous development of science and technology, ultra-low temperature freezer because of the wide range of USES, applicable tuna's preservation, electronics, special materials of low temperature plasma, biological materials, test and save the vaccine, reagent, biological products, chemical reagent, species, and biological samples kept at low temperature. Institute of cryogenic refrigerator has become one of the necessary instruments, laboratory, etc.

has been 12 years of research and development of cryogenic refrigerator and production experience, the following summary of some routine maintenance of cryogenic refrigerator small common sense, it is particularly important to extend the life and the normal use, if the cryogenic refrigerator temperature control is not accurate the saved objects often lead to damage to cause great influence to the experimental results, thus affecting the normal conduct of research work.

(1) clean once a month, to ensure the purity of the cryogenic refrigerator.
with clean dry cloth to remove cryogenic refrigerator internal and external and accessories on a small amount of dust, if the ultra-low temperature freezer is too dirty to use neutral detergent, wash thoroughly with clean water after washing. But not in its internal and upper water, otherwise it will damage the insulation and cause failure. Refrigeration compressors and other mechanical parts do not need to use the lubricating oil. Clean the fan at the back of the compressor must be careful. Clean after the completion of security checks to ensure good refrigerator plug, not virtual meet; Ensure that the plug is no abnormal heat; Ensure that the back of the ultra-low temperature freezer distribution of power cables and wires without cracks and nicks.
(2) check whether there is the evaporator surface frost; Whether the cryogenic refrigerator door switch frequency; Whether the ultra-low temperature freezer back contact walls; If placed too much items. 【 Easy to cause these problems: inadequate ice cryogenic refrigeration 】

3. Check whether floor solid; Ultra-low temperature freezer is stable; Activities such as instability, set screws in order to make the four firmly supported on the floor; If there were any objects come into contact with the back of the refrigerator. 【 These problems easily lead to: ultra-low temperature ice refrigerator too much noise 】

(4) if the refrigeration effect is poor, ultra-low temperature freezer non-stop, radiator pipe is not hot, the evaporator has very stingy LiuSheng, this is because the slow leakage cause industrial ice machine serious defect. In the process of actual use, will also have many other problems, this kind of problem solution needs to constantly accumulate experience can overcome obstacles, make the ultra-low temperature freezer to achieve the best working condition.

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