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Tian Feng manufacturer to reveal the benefits of the lyophilizer technology applied in gold tea

The list of medicinal plants in guangxi recorded & other; Golden flower tea clear heat, used to treat diarrhea & throughout; 。 Guangxi frontier minority gold scented tea can be said for the & other; Cow urine tea & throughout; Symbol, its diuretic effect, ancient and modern people is widely used in qingrejiedu, retreat yellow detumescence, diuresis dehumidification, check flow field stop bleeding, etc.

the scientific research personnel after years of intensive research, found that gold scented tea contains a variety of trace elements, such as: germanium, selenium, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, copper, vanadium, such as essential elements, in addition, also contain polyphenols, vitamins, essential amino acids, etc. That attract the world flower bed at the same time, the medical community recognized. Jasmine tea because it is so gold precious species, and because it is an ancient primitive plants, fruit, the survival rate is extremely low, so also known as the plant kingdom & other; The giant panda & throughout; The level of protection of rare plants listed by the state.

gold scented tea freeze-dried flower is through the advanced technology of the lyophilizer preparation, and its principle is down in a vacuum, low temperature environment in addition to gold scented tea contained moisture content, making it dry. After lyophilization scented tea of gold maximum retention of flower shapes and nutrition ingredient, color, taste is much better than dried flowers.
gold scented tea contains germanium ( Ge) : is a preliminary research in domestic, it is well known that the human body each organ has its fixed potential. If the potential confusion can produce lesions, so must make each organ potential normalization. And germanium has the function of each organ potential in normal excellent, tumor cells to grow rapidly, its potential is high and changes violently. Germanium by dehydrogenation, control and suppress cancer cell potential, inhibit cancer electric cell division. And germanium beverage, the Japanese clinical research data shows that the cancer, vascular sclerosis, a variety of diseases such as diabetes, all have certain curative effect, according to data show that ge is mainly by inhibiting the cancer cell DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, improve the body's immune function and achieve the goal of cancer.
gold scented tea of selenium ( Se) Selenium is the human body: the components of the ancient glutathione peroxidase, it can catalytic reduction of organic peroxide, also can destroy epoxide carcinogens in the body. Selenium can affect many biochemical metabolism of tumor cells and tumor suppressor role. Selenium is a good antioxidant, remove all kinds of free radical in vivo, protect the structure and function of cell membrane. Selenium can also keep the physiological activity of enzyme and protein. Stimulates the production of immunoglobulin and antibody 4. Enhance the body's immune function, improve the body's ability to fight disease. Selenium can also reduce the toxicity of some toxic elements, it is reported that in 1975, selenium agent treatment of 24 cases of coronary heart disease angina pectoris patients. Results 22 patients received a turn for the better.
gold scented tea contains molybdenum ( Mo) : it can protect the heart and lower esophageal cancer has certain help.
gold scented tea contains zinc ( 锌) : can improve human immunity, improve intelligence, accelerate growth, the synthesis of lysosomal enzymes in the human body more. Improve appetite and digestion.
gold scented tea contains manganese ( Mn) : manganese is one of the necessary trace elements all organisms, is a variety of enzymes in the human body, Such as more than RNA enzyme arginase) The component. Manganese can activate a variety of enzymes essence of neuraminidase, accelerate the growth and development, on human reproduction, bones, the endocrine nervous system have close relationship. At the same time also can improve atherosclerotic patients lipid metabolism, prevent experimental atherosclerosis.
gold scented tea contains vanadium ( V) : it is related to the metabolism of lipids and cholesterol. It can promote hematopoietic function, significantly reduce serum cholesterol, lack of vanadium animal serum triglycerides.
gold scented tea contains silicon ( Si) : human atherosclerosis is associated with lack of silicon, iron, silicon can reduce the mortality of cardiovascular disease.
gold scented tea with tea polyphenols, can increase the elasticity of blood vessels, and tumor suppression, resistance of lipid peroxidation, antiviral effect such as convergence.
all in all, gold scented tea can enhance myocardial contraction force and vascular elasticity, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, protect the heart, anti-aging, activates the body a variety of enzymes, promote the metabolism of liver in order to decompose and discharge poison, inhibit tumor growth and health care function. These are worshipped in gold tea contains a variety of trace elements and natural polyphenols are closely related, the results obtained in academia at home and abroad recognized.

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