Tian Feng lyophilizer TF - HFD - 6 innovation superiority characteristic

by:CBFI     2020-10-03
The innovative which has the function of in situ freeze-dried small TF - the lyophilizer HFD - 6, not only easy to operate, but also overturned the previous traditional with freeze-dried area's heavy image, at the same time to avoid the traditional laboratory with small lyophilizer lyophilization process requires human intervention operation, flexible application in the field of various industries.

the lyophilizer TF - HFD - 6 innovation superiority characteristic:

1. 1 in situ precool dry;
1. 2 temperature is adjustable, controlled production process;
1. 3 up to 30, freeze drier can modify the program in operation process parameters, and online record vacuum drying curve and data; Can trace record all operations;
1. 4 touch screen, can set the password, shows that the drying curve;
1. 5 square tray is out of shape not easily, easy to operate, easy to clean;
1. 6 configuration charging valve, rechargeable dry inert gas;
1. 6 drying chamber adopts high pervious to light colorless transparent organic glass door, in the operating process can be observed clearly the changing process of materials;
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