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Tian Feng industrial cooling water machine for professional development

The so-called laser machine, refrigeration equipment in broadly the same thing as we mentioned. Generalized laser chiller refrigeration industry refers to all and refrigeration

main performance indexes are working temperature of the laser machine, For steam compression type laser machine for evaporation temperature and condensation temperature, the gas compression related machinery and equipment, that is to say, all used in the refrigeration industry machinery and equipment, can be called a laser machine.

laser system or heat consumption, refrigeration coefficient ( Measure the compression type laser machine & hellip; And so on.

the economical efficiency of chillers and industrial laser cold water indicators, refers to the consumption of the unit work can get cold quantity) And the coefficient of heat ( Measure the absorption and the economical efficiency of steam injection laser machine, refers to the consumption of the unit heat the cold can get) And so on. Modern laser machine with steam compression type is the most widely used laser machine.

but some laser machine is not often use laser machine and semiconductor, and some laser machine is often used.

often mentioned or laser machine is used mainly include cold water machine, industrial laser chiller ( Group) Ice machine, refrigerator, cold machine for the temperature of the object to be cold and the temperature of the cooling medium) The refrigerating capacity, Laser chiller unit time of heat from the cooling object removed) , power, quick-freezing machine & hellip; Unit:

in the refrigeration industry laser machine to remove the beginning of the twenty years of market profits, now basically has entered into a device.

compared with other laser system and or laser machine is very important in the chemical industry, and so on, can see the laser chillers with industrial laser water chiller widely services, due to its used across, so cold water machine with industrial laser water chiller relatively large profit space.

laser chillers and industrial laser water chiller applications:

laser chillers and industrial plastic, cold water machine and industrial laser water industrial ice machine is maintained a fairly quickly rise, is commendable. Laser light cold water chiller boundless opportunities

according to our country's & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; Refrigeration hvac industry development plan, there will be a greater development, and the laser in the laser machine cold line cooling and enterprises and institutions need to laser machine and industrial laser cold water industrial ice machine refrigeration air-conditioning or production process in two chilled water are needed.

in electroplating industry, for example: in the industry, using cooling water machine for laser in the laser machine, industrial laser water chiller. The demand of industry laser water chiller is big.

refrigerator laser quench machine, cold water machine and industrial laser water chiller, wide range of applications. In addition to the refrigeration industry, cold water machine and industrial laser water chiller also is widely applied in hvac system of smelting, electroplating, metallurgy, electronics, water units is not only a kind of laser machine, and the light cold mechanic a provide chilled water cooling device, we can offer - according to the needs of users 30 ~ 20 of chilled water or chemical solutions. It is especially suitable for electroplated, medicine, chemical, plastics, food additives, such as the production is not long, and thus for cooling water machine for laser and workers. In such a market niche, but the laser in the laser machine industry, transparent, the era of market saturation. All kinds of laser machine market profits have and not on the same day in the eighty s and as a result of the electroplating industry, there are a lot of acid and alkaline solution need to cooling, and corrosion resistance is very big, the service life of the general water machine and industrial laser water chiller is even more will be brought to the attention of the different degree. And with the continuous development of science of refrigeration, the new laser machine will be more and more in the refrigeration industry, cold water machine and industrial laser water chiller scope involved in the industry also becomes more and more widely, which contained the opportunity, nature is self-evident.
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