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Tian Feng gas data

Shanghai refrigeration equipment for the study of the gas.

liquid oxygen is blue, the standard boiling point is 90. 188K。 Oxygen in the chemical nature very lively, can play a role, and most metals and organic compounds used to be very careful.

don't use ordinary oil seal vacuum pump to pressure liquid oxygen, to switch to oxidation of pump working medium. Some foreign took third phenol acid phosphate. Agree, the storage of liquid oxygen dewar container, don't be trapped by organic pollutants and the getter in the dewar container cannot use activated carbon, silica gel to use molecular sieve goods. Do not use liquid oxygen in places that have requirements of liquid hydrogen manager. Liquid oxygen strong paramagnetism, should pay attention to in the weak magnetic measurement. In theory, liquefied air should be composed of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen mixture, its normal boiling point of 78. 8K。 Using air liquide security than with liquid oxygen, but in the process of use, low boiling point liquid nitrogen to evaporate, liquid oxygen of the stiffness will gradually increase, so the boiling point rise properly. And a sky-blue liquid oxygen was observed at the end of the evaporation, then like using liquid oxygen pay attention to safety. As the change of air liquide composition, its boiling point is not fixed. Neon is an inert gas, the boiling point of liquid neon was a little higher than liquid hydrogen, 27. 1 k, commonly used as a substitute for liquid hydrogen. Liquid neon triple point ( 24. 56 k) And the boiling point is close, liquid temperature range is very narrow. Liquid neon stand out a bit is the latent heat of evaporation is big, is three times that of liquid hydrogen, they are very informally. Pure liquid neon are hard to come by, which limits its application. Used in the evaporation of hydrogen to recycling. When using a variety of cryogenic liquid, can put the container export closed, otherwise the evaporation to run out of gas, the pressure in the container will be more and more high, the final explosion will occur. Often problematic is water vapor condenses on the export, the vapor channel closed, when the experiment done bottle with residual liquid, temperature of a rebound, bottle overpressure. According to the different situations of container taken vent, connect install relief measures such as gas holder goods.
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