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Tian Feng food vacuum freeze drying machine: seafood freeze-drying processing production steps

Because of food vacuum freeze dryer drying way is in the minus the freeze-dried products under low temperature and vacuum environment, can maximum limit retained the original nutrition ingredient, the product itself is superior to the traditional dry, dry, air-dried, drying, etc. Because people level and the improvement of economy, the attention to food safety, as well as fresh food preservation problems, develop new products, promote the freeze-drying technology of the new high attention, which helped speed up the development of food vacuum freeze dryer. As in the development of the seafood aquatic product, just on the State Oceanic Administration of fujian province earlier this month a used in development and production of freeze-dried food vacuum freeze drier with seafood.

the following vacuum freeze-drying vendors would conclude for everybody, seafood freeze-drying processing production steps:

the process is as follows: raw material acceptance & rarr; Cleaning & rarr; Before the treatment ( To scales, gills, to internal organs) → Plate & rarr; Frozen & rarr; Vacuum freeze drying & rarr; Packaging & rarr; Finished goods inventory.

1, raw material acceptance

raw materials in strict accordance with the standards for acceptance, and register the variety and quantity of raw material, try to purchase fresh fish, meat outnumbered spine, the thickness of the fish body no more than 3 ㎝.

2, cleaning

in no more than 25 ℃ quickly put the fish in clean water on the surface of the body wash clean dirt, it is forbidden to dip the fish in the water for a long time.

3, pretreatment

including scale ( If the customer specific requirements) , gills and internal organs, to head ( If the customer specific requirements) Open the slice, cleaning, etc.

3. 1, cut off the scales

used to scale the knife from the tail to head in the direction of the disorderly to scales, pay attention to purge out near the scales will fish belly and etc, can not residue.

3. 2, gills and internal organs

remove gills clean with the hand, may not be residual. About 5 ㎝ along the fish body side open a long mouth cut open the stomach, gut with the hand, can not have left. To internal note cannot cut fish bile, lest affect product color and taste.

3. 3, to head

with a sharp knife & other along gills, >” To cut the fish head, note, fish and fish preserved to the greatest extent. 4. 3. 4 start

with a sharp knife along the spine of fish in the fish body split three piece, in the middle as the fish head and bones, the other two pieces, such as fish fillet, be careful to maintain the integrity of the fish fillet. Do fish fillet of fish instead of fish head, gills and internal organs.

3. 4 cleaning

in not more than 25 ℃ water fish fast to clean surface and internal blood and filth, drain the water, it is strictly prohibited to fish in the water soak for a long time.

4, plate

to fish or fish fillet neatly placed into frozen (weighing and record, must not adhesion or overlap each other.

5, freeze
the rapid freezing is normally used. Will set the frozen fish dish into the precooling to - Between 28 ℃ below the frozen inside for more than 4 h to freeze, to fish a total freeze on in vivo and in vitro, in - internal temperature Below 30 ℃ advisable.

6, vacuum freeze drying

remove completely frozen fish from between frozen and placed in the vacuum freeze-drying machine, closed doors, start the industrial ice machine will engage in cold temperature dropped to - quickly Below 45 ℃, 30 min or so, and keep the guarantee before running the vacuum freeze-drying curve will be the center of the product temperature dropped to - Below 30 ℃, start the vacuum system, the vacuum will be stipulated by the pressure, to run programs predefined vacuum freeze-drying curve. In the process of monitoring the operation of the vacuum freeze-drying machine, must use the manual recording system operation condition and the relevant parameters. Product freeze-drying, downtime save data system running at the same time.

7, packaging,

freeze-drying products, after the downtime will be weighing products, products of sensory test and record. Conform to the requirements of the relevant indicators, such as product according to customer requirements and specifications for the sealed packaging, packaging materials such as required for the powder quality products into the shredder in accordance with the provisions after broken seal number. Not freeze-dried products should be immediately placed in vacuum freezing dryer to extend the time of freeze-dried, until completely dry. Pay attention to during the process of packaging packaging space and instruments, the health of a man's hand, wear disposable gloves when necessary, using 75% alcohol to disinfect.

8, finished product storage

packaged products in a timely manner to put into the Treasury temperature in about 20 ℃ low temperature in the library. Product will be classified storage and from more than 20 ㎝ from the wall.

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