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Tian Feng employees, the New Year's speech

This evening, my stone and colleagues of the company of the New Year when washing clothes to chat, feel the human spirit, also confirmed his attitude to work.

today is on August 28, 2013, ordinary day, there was a not ordinary conversation, let me in ordinary work, have no common understanding. ROM new nickname he, in the work for 4 years, is the production of workshop, especially in the assembly of the machine efficiency is high, and also keep improving to the requirement of detail, such as: cold water machine, application and drying machine, ultra-low temperature freezer and other non-standard products, complex wiring, maintenance, leak, experiment, real do the penetrative, is I admire production workers.

no small matter, can see the big problem, you do is a small thing, lost is the boss and colleagues trust in you, who, to be successful.

this sentence is he told me that night, let me about your work, have a more clear understanding. Indeed, only care about small things, can do great things, one house does not sweep, how can sweep the world. Although, often say the gentleman informal section, but this sentence is for men of courage, for his own have a clear positioning, we don't have brilliant career line, only their feet on the ground, anything, as long as it is to improve, there is no small matter. Need to have a clear goal, of course, had nothing to do with the target, can put, this & other; Small & throughout; Can postpone back, but for his own work, be sure to love, not love your job, life nothing.

don't give your own interface, do you think is human, to unknown small error, and those who were found actually did something wrong nature is the same, in short, is not serious to work.

when I heard those words. I shame, everyone has a lazy, lazy, cleverness, oneself think that other people can understand, the boss will understand, others in this way, I have to be like this. Actually, if really can do their work, complete the task seriously, will find himself a good small, have done things, there are a lot of not doing, also can improve the place. Don't laugh at others' stupid, talk about other people's crime, looking at your job, how much time, you are just the pot calls the kettle black, also become complacent. Once, his bad habit, slowly indulgence, consequences, only is a loser, a catastrophic result.

when he talks, language simple, sincere, emotional said in the end, he said, touching words: & other; Often he at work, I will have a faith, to earn more money, their children to buy more delicious. ” Simple desire, serious expression, composed of sound, free and easy grinned, instant, let a person was moved to tears. At the same time, he was ashamed! Everyone is have faith, regardless of the beliefs or great or small, or far away empty, or shallow vulgar, as long as, at the time of your pain, you know you are in the pursuit of faith, the pursuit of a dream on the road to run all the way, you will also feel, is the happiness.

in the end, do a dream, do a happy person. Wish every colleagues, and every one of my friends, is the most happy person!
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