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Tian Feng custom authors fold cold water machine

For consisting of two single stage - 80 ℃ cascade cycle, its evaporation temperature limit of Ig can da 60℃; For the high temperature parts for the two level, low temperature for single stage - The cycle of 110 ℃, the evaporating temperature of E limit of 60 ℃; On the high temperature parts for single stage, low temperature for two stage - Ii0 ℃ cycle, the upper limit of evaporating temperature can only achieve - 90℃。 Obviously, the latter of cycle characteristics. Elected by compressor has the capacity of regulating mechanism, evaporation temperature of the adjustable range is larger.

cascade cooling mechanism should be starting temperature of compressor, cold ask temperature reduce enough to ensure that the low level of condensing pressure does not exceed 1 & 6 times; 103 kPa, restart part of compressor in low temperature. For small units, if in the low temperature part is equipped with a pressure control valve on the pipeline when connected with expansion of containers, and high and low temperature part also can start at the same time.

in expansion vessel cascade refrigeration system outage, due to internal temperature and environmental temperature, low temperature refrigerant liquid evaporation, the pressure will rise, so to make the low temperature system of high pressure from excessive lead, cascade refrigerating machine in the cryogenic system mostly expansion capacity tao. 1 a and downtime, all connected with low temperature refrigerant low pressure systems. Stop call most of the low temperature refrigerant into the container. T be returned when the refrigeration system. Inflation pressure capacity of the container is one who has a specified volume tao, which allows the highest pressure need the same as the highest pressure inside the outage time system.

the expansion of the connection on the suction tube container volume v. According to the following method to calculate. Will swell container quality of refrigerant as by m, and m. Two parts. M a said work condition expand the quality of the refrigerant container, m, said when stop into the expansion container quality of refrigerant, v, for expanding the volume of container, r3K, for low temperature system ( Do not include expansion container) The total volume of the ambient temperature and the equilibrium pressure than the volume of refrigerant, d/kg; Qiu for industrial ice machine when environment temperature and suction F jJ than volume, low temperature in the system ( Do not include expansion container) When the working state of refrigerant is filled, can calculate the volume of container, when m, a, m, is, as the change with inspiratory pressure, for evaporation temperature of chiller needs to adjust, if m. Numerical smaller, when the evaporation temperature, Qiu decreases, and the system has the feeling of working medium is insufficient. Therefore, when designing this machine, should according to the evaporation temperature adjusting cap to determine the expansion volume of container; Should make expansion vessel pipe connected with high and low voltage side, and is equipped with manual valve.

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