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Tian Feng cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers share tuna processing and storage preservation methods

Tuna is also called the tuna, since been caught up in the passage of freshness will every minute; So to maintain the tuna is delicious, you need in a timely manner to deal with its preservation. Conventional measures are bleeding and ultra-low temperature freezer storage. Sea fishing boat made large industrial cryogenic refrigerator.

tuna processing: tuna fish body for temperature, was captured when due to intense exercise, such as oxygen rapidly straggling make the fish more than ten degrees higher than normal body temperature, at the same time also start releasing hormones in the blood, the improvement of the high temperature will affect the fish with hormone. Thus timely bloodletting, nerve, gill, liver, will these harmful factors that affects the fish freshness removed.

the study found: tuna in a cryogenic environment, when the fish body core temperature dropped to - gradually 60 ℃ and achieve completely frozen, fish body moisture cured, to prevent changes in liquidity caused by quality, to ensure the quality of the fish. Also make sure the color of the fish at the same time, in order to avoid the Browning of tuna and acidification.

cryogenic storage: tuna after processing, therefore, to add - in a timely manner 60 ℃ cryogenic refrigerator storage; At present the popular market ultra-low temperature freezer, bearing capacity, are not suitable for sea fishing ship, then can choose large industrial ultra-low temperature freezer, can also be customized according to user demand, and provides relevant solutions.

general cryogenic refrigerator temperature is lower, the greater the capacity, equipment and the higher price. In real life, such as restaurant, business center, seafood restaurants, supermarkets, stores, star hotel, etc. , due to more quickly to the digestion of the tuna ( 1 - - 90 days) , so basically will choose economical method, the choose and buy. . . 40 ℃ cryogenic refrigerator storage. Cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers recommendations: user needs according to the storage time, choose different storage temperature. A, the short to medium term ( The following 3 months) Choose - 40 ℃ cryogenic refrigerator; Second, the medium and long term ( 3 - 6 months) Choose - 60 ℃ cryogenic refrigerator; Three, for a long time ( More than 6 months) Choose - 86 ℃ cryogenic refrigerator.

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