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Tian Feng cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers share common several kinds of tuna fresh cold storage method

Is a company specializing in the cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers, it has been 12 years of experience in research and development and production. Production of - 60 ℃ ultra-low temperature freezer applies to refrigerated fresh tuna, volume is small, mobile convenience, is a restaurant, sushi tuna fresh cold storage of one of the necessary equipment.

common on the market the tuna is fresh, frozen goods, fresh ice, avoiding and cans and so on, its price is also according to the order from high to low. Generally, tuna the appropriate storage period with high iron oxygenation of myoglobin formation rate of 50% as the boundary, thus keeping fresh is very important. Because the tuna is a rich source of myoglobin, and bright red color, but because the individual is bigger, affect the muscles of the freezing and cooling speed, easy to cause muscle becomes angry, for everybody below summarizes several common tuna under the fresh cold storage methods:

1, the ice fresh method in addition to using crushed ice, can also be in commonly ice add 3 ~ 7% NaCl, a moderate amount of composite food phosphate, sorbitol and clean the fish fillet, cut into 3 ~ 5 cm thick in a plastic bag, and then press the fish layer in the form of ice into the plastic box in 2 ~ - In the 4 ℃ refrigerator for small tuna also don't slice, covering ice directly, in this way the general can make the last period of 40 days of tuna.

2, freezing preservation method will be 3 ~ 5 cm thick tuna fillets in - 1 ~ - 3 ℃ to freezing preservation conditions, generally can be fresh for 8 ~ 10 days, the color and flavor of meat is changeless, available for sashimi.

3, cryogenic refrigerator freezing method

cryogenic refrigerator freezing method is simple and convenient method, as a result of the tuna myoglobin oxidation speed is faster than mammals 1 ~ 3 times, and special influence on the temperature, in order to make the tuna in storage for a long time to keep the meat, meat and taste the same color, generally USES the ultra-low temperature freezer frozen storage, with the improvement of the quality requirement and technical progress, the temperature of freezing storage is becoming more and more low, put tuna in ultra-low temperature freezer freezes, a few hours gradually decreased from the center of the fish body temperature - 60 ℃ and achieve completely frozen, fish body moisture cured, to prevent changes in liquidity caused by quality, to ensure the quality of the fish. Also make sure the color of the fish at the same time, in order to avoid the Browning of tuna and acidification.

so study: tuna in - 60 degrees under the condition of low temperature preservation, can greatly save its original nutrients, and freshness. So when choosing tuna refrigerator, can choose according to demand The ultra-low temperature freezer, or - 60 degrees 80 degrees of cryogenic refrigerator.

4, modified atmosphere

the fresh tuna after cutting into polyethylene bag, then into a certain proportion of mixed gas ( CO260% N215 ~ 20%, O215 ~ 21%) Seal, which can effectively prevent muscle changes color, such as combination of 0 ℃ low temperature storage, can extend the freshness and 20 ~ 25 days, freezing preservation can play a freshness to 30 ~ 40 days. In addition, in the air before packing, with antistaling agent first to dip the fish muscle juice processing, the effect is better.
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