Tian Feng cordyceps freeze-dried vendors would provide service for you

by:CBFI     2020-10-03
Cordyceps sinensis freeze-dried vendors would provide service for you:

1, equipment

for caterpillar fungus freeze-dried, our HFD - patent products 4 and HFD - 1 two models, not only solve the traditional laboratory using lyophilizer production shortfalls and large lyophilizer price is higher, is currently the Chinese caterpillar fungus or research and development of new process for the production of business and individual users of cost-effective choice.

2, sample preparation service

our company free of charge to provide users with caterpillar fungus freeze-dried test service, the effect of preparation needed for the user.

3, technical service

we provide free have developed Chinese caterpillar fungus and drying process ( After 3 years, engineers developed jointly with Chinese caterpillar fungus user process) 。

4, after-sales service

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