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Tian Feng cold water machine, injection molding workshop the importance of the cooling water circulation system

Injection workshop cooling water circulation system mainly includes the industrial ice machine, reservoir, cooling tower and cooling water circulation line. The importance of the following vendors would give you a list of cold water.
in the injection molding workshop, circulating cooling water plays a very important role, it mainly supply injection oil cooler, and cylinder cooler devices such as heat transfer, These devices that can be called from the Angle of heat transfer heat exchange device) To achieve the temperature control of injection molding process requirements and ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine hydraulic system. In order to reduce system power consumption, reasonable design of injection workshop cooling water circulation system is very important.

at present most of the injection molding machine production workshop by one for the water pump or two to several for pumps in parallel to the injection molding workshop after each injection molding machine at the same time provide cooling circulating water, often happen due to the small power for water pumps, or is the deviation of the pipeline resistance caused by located away from the feed pump injection molding machine of the cooling water flow is insufficient, the injection molding machine hydraulic system of hydraulic oil is not timely cooling, and resulting in failure of the machine, or the oil temperature of hydraulic oil more than 55 degrees Celsius, the temperature protection of the electrical control system into the protection state of the injection molding machine downtime. In addition, the injection mold if not timely circulating cooling water cooling, will make the production process of cooling time and reduce the production efficiency, and make the production of plastic products are defects or even scrapped. If used in the actual production power, big flow for water pump, the energy consumption is too large, the cost of production increase, especially the workshop only one or several injection molding machine work, also need to run the power for water pumps, cause energy waste. Therefore, how important it is for injection molding workshop equipped with cooling water circulation system.

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