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Tian Feng chiller compressor is introduced

Compression components ( Screw and rotor) :

company TF series chiller use Taiwan fu sheng, han zhong world first-class brand semi-enclosed twin-screw compressor, screw compressor is a kind of variable displacement compressor. The industrial ice machine from the evaporator of the suction mouth into the compressor, in turn, after cooling compressor motor coil, screw compression into the compressor oil separator. Screw adopts has won international patent of the third generation of 5 to 6 asymmetric tooth profile design. Main features: less parts, only three moving parts, which greatly improve the reliability of unit operation. High precision machining and measuring the rotor clearance reach micron grade, thus reducing leakage between high and low pressure, improve the efficiency of the compressor work. Yin and Yang type rotor using asymmetric, spray liquid cooling, between between the rotor, bearing and oil film protection, the built-in efficient motor, running, small vibration, low noise and long life.

and compressor rotor shell does not directly contact, and the two rotor on the driving effect of Yin and Yang contact each other. Oil along the compressor rotor at the top of the injection process. With two rotor and compression chassis gap in the body, while oil provides lubrication for the rotor, but its main purpose is to seal the gap between the rotor and the compressor shell. Because of the sealing between these components limited the leakage between high and low pressure cavity, so as to improve the efficiency of the compressor.

capacity control:

capacity control by compressor rotor and oil separator of slide block device. The top of the slider along the rotor movement. Driven by the piston and cylinder, along with the axis of the rotor parallel slide - Figure 3 & ndash; 2) 。 When the air conditioning load changes, the compressor has the energy to adjust valve, with no paragraph let attune and staged two.

built-in oil separator:

the company adopts the compressor for & other; Wet stroke & throughout; Is not sensitive to allow a little liquid refrigerant into the machine, and no & other Fluid compression & throughout; The danger. With a built-in oil separator, oil filter and oil pressure control circuit, ensure the safety of the compressor, reliable operation. Built-in oil exclusive configuration of patent SCOS wall effect oil separator, oil content is 0. 3%, double isolation low noise. Directly behind the compressor exhaust side, in addition to the compressed refrigerant in the refrigeration oil for separation, and also have the functions of sound insulation, can effectively reduce the noise during operation. Once the oil is injected into the compressor rotor, which mixed with compressed refrigerant gas, and directly into the oil separator. Oil and cold media within the oil separator after the separation, refrigerant into the condenser.

compressor oil heater:

at the bottom of the fuselage for each compressor have been equipped with electric heater. Electric heater from power transmission unit, began to heat. When the compressor work to cut off the power of the electric heater. Therefore, unless the long downtime or maintenance, in general, please do not cut off the power supply of the unit. Compressor starts running when frozen oil temperature is low, high oil viscosity, immediately start the compressor may make adjustment system action is not smooth, so in front of the system is running, about 8 hours to preheating the boot.

bring note: this equipment is restarted with the request of the electric heater preheating 8 hours, not literally cut off power supply, in case does not meet the conditions of boot and can't start the machine.
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