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Tian Feng brand cryogenic refrigerator main properties and characteristics

Has been 12 years of cryogenic refrigerator production and research and development experience, is a more professional cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers in China. Brand main properties and characteristics of cryogenic refrigerator is as follows:

1, the structure of the box body is made of high qualified steel plate, the advanced coating spraying process, surface colour and lustre downy, collision resistance, and corrosion resistance.

2, bladder with spray aluminum or stainless steel, never rust.

3, internal evaporation line made of refined copper efficient and durable.

4, microcomputer temperature control precision, the temperature in the cabinet at a glance.

5, optional microcomputer liquid crystal temperature recorder, remote alarm functions, can the computer connection for data sampling analysis.

6, patent cooling technology, refrigeration, speedily and efficiently in 43 ℃ ambient temperature, can still work normally.

7, adopt new environmental protection cryogenic mixed refrigerants, super thick rigid polyurethane thermal insulation layer.

8, insulation door is equipped with two silicone sealer, fight cold air leaked.

9, there is the function of refrigeration system from the clean, ensure the long-term stable operation.

10, main parts ( Compressor, thermostat, pressure control) All USES the overseas well-known brand product.

11, has a perfect sound and light alarm system ( Overtemperature alarm, fault alarm) system 。

12, according to user needs matching voltage compensation device.

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