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Tian Feng after-sales advice to expansion valve

Cold water machine the expansion valve is divided into two kinds of internal balance and external balance. At work, expansion valve can be sensitive feel the temperature of the evaporator outlet. Make the heat pack produces stress. Under the action of stress and deformation in the pointer, thus forming a signal transmitted to the thimble. To control the flow of cold water machine. It is conceivable that expansion valve the effect is obvious.

at the same time the door maintenance recently found a lot of questions about the expansion valve. But most these problems can be avoided. The following simple list some can hit by debugging operation to reduce possible elements.

1. Improper expansion valve adjustment.

before adjusting thermodynamic expansion valve, must confirm the refrigeration exception is caused by the thermal expansion valve is deviating from the optimal working point, rather than because of less freon, dry filter blockage caused by other reasons. At the same time, must ensure normal heat packs, and pointer emission signal is stable and accurate. To note here, thermal installation position must be correct, absolutely not installed in the pipeline directly, in case of the pipe at the bottom of the water, dust and other factors affecting thermal package right temperature.

here are the correct adjustment steps of the expansion valve.

the first step is downtime. Insert the temperature control table evaporator FengKouChu insulation bag back. See if the temperature is stable, and then pressure test table are connected to the compressor of the tee.

the second, the boot. Run for 30 minutes. Temperature stability, look at the pressure gauge and temperature control table is normal.

third, reading is find out. Read temperature controller, temperature and pressure gauge of the temperature. The former minus the latter get the difference in temperature.

the second case is one of the most prone to failure. Is the blockage of the expansion valve.

cold water machine in the work of users in the use of time, really do maintenance downtime is very few, moreover is open cover to wipe and regular dust removal. Machines and people is the same, sorching summer, it provides a stable temperature. Also need more protection. Here called for users in spite of being very busy toglance, also want to regular maintenance, as far as possible to avoid too much fat, iron, fiber, paper scraps, etc caused by the cold water machine doesn't work. Expansion valve jam.

if no blockage, ostentation and extravagance method is more simple. To the cold water machine in a filter. If very serious, you must have to vacuum, freon injection.

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