Tian Feng 2017 vacuum freezing dryer orders last 5 days

by:CBFI     2020-10-03
From over 2017 have 5 days left, first of all thank you for the trust and support of users. Below feedback from the last 5 days of 2017 vacuum freeze drier orders

in the near future to delivery order is as follows:

1, pharmaceutical vacuum freeze drier order: 0. 2 square gland type vacuum freeze drying machine number 3 and 1 square gland type vacuum freezing dryer number 1, type 2 square gland freeze drying machine ( The high-end non-standard) The number 1;

2, food vacuum freeze drier order:

1) HFD series of small food vacuum freeze drying machine: 50 sets of inventory of the last month, has now left 20 or so;

2. 5 square food vacuum freeze drying machine & other; The twins & throughout; Orders, following on a 5 square with freeze-dried food machine production less than eight days, and then get another customer trust and support, also have to order a 5 square food freeze-drying machine ( Round tank type) 。

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