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Three misunderstandings of cold storage construction

Three misunderstandings of cold storage construction


Misunderstanding 1: Ammonia cold storage room is better than fluorine cold storage room with lower investment

Ammonia and fluorine are two common refrigerants. They are widely used in cold storage refrigeration systems. Many owners think that low investment in ammonia storage is good. Why?

1. Ammonia refrigeration is more traditional. In the past, many large and medium-sized cold storages used ammonia refrigeration systems. There were many operators of ammonia refrigeration systems. Later, most of them became "experts" in the refrigeration industry. Later, some owners built the cold storage. Naturally, these masters are invited to be consultants. They are familiar with ammonia systems and are more reluctant to fluorine refrigeration systems. In addition, some masters engaged in refrigeration engineering did not know much about the fluorine system and did not design and calculate according to their own experience (the key is that they do not have reference experience), and most of the projects ended in failure, leaving too much story.

2. In the past, the ammonia refrigeration system was mainly supplied by barrel pumps, and the fluorine refrigeration system was mainly supplied by pressure difference. In some quick-freezing conditions, the cooling effect of fluorine is not as good as the ammonia refrigeration effect due to the different liquid supply methods.

3. The previous model of ammonia refrigerator has a larger span, the latter model is basically twice that of the previous model. Sometimes a larger model is selected for the effect of invisibility, so a nominal 10T/D quick-freezing room output can be easily achieved 15~20T/D, it seems that ammonia refrigeration is better than fluorine refrigeration.

4. Because ammonia is toxic and has a strong pungent odor, the ammonia system construction is relatively standardized and rigorous (good airtightness); on the contrary, many people think that the fluorine refrigeration system is non-toxic, so the construction is not serious, because it is colorless and odorless. It is difficult to find out when, resulting in poor system performance. In addition, most of the ammonia system uses manual valves, which will not affect the system if it is dirty. However, most of the fluorine refrigeration systems are self-controlled valves, and dirt may cause the system to crash. Due to engineering construction problems, many owners will also create the illusion that ammonia storage is better than fluorine cold storage.

5. Many owners believe that the low investment in ammonia storage is due to the state's inadequate safety management of small ammonia systems in the past period of time, mainly at the expense of a lot of safety costs (design, construction, testing, etc.), incomplete safety facilities, and staffing. It is caused by many factors such as insufficient and low degree of automation. It is also the main reason for the frequent occurrence of ammonia system safety accidents in recent years, which has led to the phenomenon of large-scale rectification of ammonia-related enterprises, non-approval of new projects, and large amounts of ammonia to fluorine.

In general, many people in the industry have formed the misconception that ammonia refrigeration systems have low investment and good results for a long time. At present, if the large-scale fluorine refrigeration system adopts the barrel pump liquid supply method, scientific design, strict construction, and focus on solving the "dirty and leakage" problems of the system, the effect will not be worse than ammonia; but ammonia is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly refrigerant, as long as it is strictly implemented Safety standards require that there is no problem in use, and of course the investment is not necessarily lower than that of fluorine refrigeration systems.


Misunderstanding 2: Compressor is equal to cold storage

The most important thing in a cold room is the refrigeration system. The core of the refrigeration system is the compressor, so many people think that the compressor is equal to the cold storage, the quality of the compressor is equal to the quality of the cold storage, and the energy efficiency of the compressor is equal to the energy efficiency of the cold storage. Many cold storage investors only look at brands of compressors. As long as they use a certain well-known brand, they will feel at ease, and the rest will be cheaper than the price. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. The cold storage is a complicated systematic project, and the compressor is just an accessory. The five key links (design, material selection, construction, testing, and service) of the cold storage are indispensable. As the saying goes, "three parts and seven divisions of labor", no design or unreasonable design will make the later operating costs of the cold storage remain high. Improper selection of materials or unreasonable equipment selection will bury potential quality and safety hazards to the system. The construction quality standards and experienced construction team and the temporary patchwork of wild roads can be imagined. The quality of the project can be imagined. Needless to say, the inspection and service. , It is a powerful guarantee and supplement to the quality of the project. Therefore, the systematic engineering of cold storage should use systematic thinking to ensure the quality of the project. The compressor is not equal to the cold storage, nor can it represent the quality and performance of the cold storage.

Misunderstanding 3: Cold storage temperature is everything

The important indicator of a cold storage room is temperature, so the first important thing for many owners to build a cold storage is to lower the temperature. The owner is satisfied with the falling temperature, the construction party is happy, and everyone is happy that the temperature reaches the project qualification. What's more, the cold storage of thousands of square meters dropped to -18 degrees in one breath, never considering the feeling of the cold storage, let alone knowing the dangers and hazards, and there is no basic professional common sense. It is true that the temperature of the cold storage is an important indicator, but it is not the only indicator. In terms of temperature, there are also technical indicators such as the uniformity of the temperature in the cold storage, temperature fluctuations, the 24-hour cold storage temperature and the cooling rate. Temperature is just the tip of the iceberg floating on the sea. The real performance indicators are all underwater, such as: energy consumption, stability, service life, safety risks, etc. The invisible places are the most important difference between the quality and performance of cold storage room.