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Three cleaning tips for hot pot restaurant ice machines

In today’s society where food safety accidents are frequent, many consumers are paying more and more attention to the safety of imported food, including ice cubes obtained using ice-making mechanisms in hot pot restaurants. Therefore, many consumers who use ice-making machines in hot pot restaurants will regularly use the equipment. Be cleaned. So what cleaning skills do users need to master for the hot pot restaurant ice maker product ranking?

Tip 1: Use neutral detergent

After the hot pot restaurant ice machine is used, it is necessary to clean the ice cubes made inside the refrigerator, and then use the water with neutral detergent to clean the inner container of the machine. In the process of cleaning the hot pot restaurant ice machine, make sure that the ice machine is in a power-off state. After the inside of the ice machine is thoroughly cleaned, it is best to wipe the whole with a soft cloth.

Tip 2: Cleaning the filter screen of the inlet valve

In order to ensure the water quality of the hot pot restaurant ice maker's water source, many users will add a filter to the water inlet valve of the ice maker. After a long-term operation of the hot pot restaurant cbfi ice machine, it will inevitably leave some particulate impurities in the water on the filter. At this time, the user should open the water inlet valve to remove the filter and clean the filter thoroughly with clean water.

Tip three, condenser dust removal

The hot pot restaurant ice maker can convert liquid water into solid ice, which is inseparable from the support of related cooling and freezing facilities, such as condensers and compressors. It is best for the relevant users to clean the condenser of the hot pot restaurant ice machine every two months, and use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush and other cleaning equipment to effectively remove the floating dust or oil on the surface of the condenser when removing the dust.

The introduction to the cleaning mechanism of the hot pot restaurant ice machine in this article will stop here for the time being. If the users of the hot pot restaurant ice machine with after-sales guarantee can clean it according to the above three cleaning techniques, it will not only ensure the hygienic condition of the ice cubes, but also help to extend the service life of the hot pot restaurant ice machine and the excellent manufacturing process. Ice effect.
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