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Those who use these methods to select the laboratory snowflake ice machine are smart people!


  The laboratory snowflake ice maker is mainly used to provide an ice bath environment for samples when carrying out life science-related experiments to prevent samples (such as nucleic acids, proteins) from degrading or deterioration due to temperature changes, thereby ensuring The accuracy and validity of the experimental results. So by what aspects can we choose a high-performance laboratory snowflake ice maker?

Laboratory snowflake ice maker selection Introduction of consideration factors

   One. One of the selection of laboratory snowflake ice maker: the choice of the type of ice maker

   Most of the time, our samples are placed in EP tubes , Centrifuge tube, pcr tube and other containers, and then insert the sample tube in the ice bath to maintain the temperature by contact. Since the sample cannot directly contact the ice, but must be transmitted through the tube wall, the contact area between the tube wall and the ice bath is the guarantee of the ice bath effect. In order to better protect the sample, the tube wall and ice bath should be expanded as much as possible. Contact area.

   In view of the above considerations, the laboratory ice maker generally chooses the snowflake ice maker. The ice produced by this type of cbfi ice machine is snowflake-shaped crushed ice. Because the particles are small, it can be combined with the tube wall. Close contact to ensure the ice bath effect.

  For the specific requirements for ice production, there is another point that is very important. The snow ice that comes out requires 15-25% water content, which can greatly improve the contact between the ice bath and the pipe wall. Effect.

   Two. How to select the laboratory snowflake ice maker II: Select the output

   At present, in the ice maker of the same category, generally according to the output of the ice maker The difference, the most important indicator is the 24-hour ice production, of course, it is generally written under ideal conditions. You can determine the specific output of ice machine you need according to the number of people doing experiments in your laboratory. The following table is for production test only: Ice production volume: 30kg/24h

  5-10 people ice production volume: 50kg/24h

   10-20 people ice production volume: 90kg/24h

Ice production capacity for more than 20 people: 200kg/24h

   Common ice production capacity in multiple laboratories: 500kg/24h

   The output of most ice machine manufacturers is based on the most Calculate it under ideal conditions (such as room temperature 10 degrees, inlet water temperature 10 degrees)

   3. How to select the laboratory snowflake ice maker III: Choose an ice storage bucket The capacity of

  The capacity of the ice storage bucket is also an important consideration when choosing an cbfi ice machine.

  The number of biological experiments in the laboratory determines the maximum amount used. It is assumed that when all people use it at the same time, the required amount is the largest. It is best to use the ice bucket and this amount. it's the same. The ice maker is often fully automatic during operation and does not require manual intervention. It will automatically always make ice. When the ice storage bin is full, the machine will get a signal and automatically stop. Therefore, the volume of the ice storage bin is equal to This is the maximum amount of ice that this cbfi ice machine can take at one time.

  In view of the above factors, we can consider the selection from the following aspects:

   1. If there are many people doing molecular biology-related experiments in the laboratory, and often at the same time It’s better to choose a model with a large ice production volume and a relatively large ice storage bucket (number of people x ice volume taken each time);

  2, if the laboratory does molecular biology related experiments There are many people, but the probability of picking ice at the same time is small, then you can consider choosing an ice storage bucket with a relatively small ice production capacity and a large ice storage capacity, which can guarantee the use and save the purchase cost.

  3. If there are not many people doing molecular biology-related experiments in the laboratory, or the probability of collecting ice is low, then you can consider choosing a smaller ice storage bucket, and the amount of ice production can also be selected Smaller models.

  Four. How to choose the laboratory snowflake ice machine fourth: choose imported or domestic brand

   At present, users are generally choosing ice machines or suppliers recommend ice machines They would think that they were divided into two camps, imported or domestic, and subconsciously would think that the imported quality is good, stable and reliable.

  According to many years of experience, the ice machine is a very mature technology, and there is no technical difference between domestic and foreign products. Often the difference lies in the design, manufacturing, and after-sales service of different manufacturers. Unreasonable design or cost-first consideration has led to various problems in the application process of the product, and the imperfect after-sales system has exacerbated the bad impression. In recent years, domestic manufacturers have realized some problems in the market, their concepts have been changing, and all parties have been working hard in the direction of building brands, and have achieved good results.

  5. Laboratory Snowflake Selection Five: Cost Performance


   Snowflake Hardware Mainly include compressors, motors, motherboards, etc.

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