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think twice before you buy that extended warranty

What if you spent hundreds of dollars on an extended warranty for kitchen appliances and found that the key components were not included?
That\'s what the Hoftiezer family said.
David Hoftiezer of New Jersey Medford found the Stanley Warranty with their appliances a few years ago, and said he thought he had the same protection that he had given him under his original warranty.
Hoftiezer said he paid a $1,000 warranty for all kitchen appliances.
Then he began to have some \"problems\", he said.
First of all, the ice machine in the refrigerator is broken.
\"A few weeks have passed and the warranty company finally said to me that the reason we are following the service is because your ice machine is not covered,\" he said . \".
Unfortunately, despite the warranty that refrigerators and freezers are included, about six pages of the contract do not include \"ice machine control \".
Hoftiezer told ABC News that he wanted to read the book himself.
\"I won\'t say I don\'t take any responsibility,\" said Hoftiezer . \".
\"But when they sell you the product they ask what you want to cover and you say, \'I want to cover my fridge.
They won\'t say, \'If your ice machine is broken, it\'s not covered.
\"Stanley mancovski, CEO of Stanley safety Club and Stanley Warranty, said ice makers were excluded from the Hoftiezer policy, because \"this is a massive item that was broken by someone who abused it.
\"If people want to cover ice makers, we have separate coverage in addition to refrigerators,\" Mankovsky said . \".
\"The reason you bought the insurance policy is to make sure that you are insured when things happen,\" he said . \".
\"The key is to read [and]
Make sure you pass every line.
Mankovsky also added that since the purchase of his warranty by Hoftiezer, the language has been modified and improved so that it is easier for consumers to understand.
Timothy Menan, executive director of the service contracts Industry Committee, said in an email: \"extending the warranty can save a lot of money for responsible consumers and provide control when unpredictable situations occur
\"Contrary to some recent reports claiming that the extended warranty for appliances and cars is not cost-effective, the benefits of service contracts far outweigh the cost of buying insurance, and emergencies are more frequent than you think.
The service contract covers more than 95% of claims in 2012-
Sometimes it is caused by falling or failure, but sometimes it is caused by daily wear.
Consider that a typical electrical repair may cost $250, but it will cost only half of the cost to extend the warranty period, and it may be necessary to pay more than once for the duration of the contract.
In some cases, the manufacturer\'s warranty may be helpful, usually only available in the first year or less, so extending the warranty is well worth a second review.
The purpose of the extended warranty is to provide peace of mind by protecting consumers\' investment in homes, vehicles, electronics and appliances.
Individual consumers can decide whether they personally value the extended warranty.
Many consumers who do not have savings or disposable income to pay for unexpected and expensive repairs have gained great value and peace of mind by budgeting for such predictable expenses.
Anthony George Jenney, financial editor of Consumer Reports, said readers should think twice before buying an extended warranty.
\"It\'s not that they will never succeed, but in general you \'d better take away the money you\'ll put into the service contract [and]
\"Put it in the bank,\" he said . \"
Giorgianni said that some items that may be worth extending the warranty period are electronic products that children usually use and are more likely to be discarded or damaged.
He still encourages consumers to read the fine print on these agreements as well.
Other tips from Giorgianni include: space nuclear power sources.
If something is broken, call the original manufacturer.
Sometimes the company wants you to be happy. 2.
Please consult your credit card company, which sometimes offers an extension guarantee.
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