Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Commercial Ice Machines

by:CBFI     2021-02-04

In the world of commercial ice makers, there are really only two brands that you should choose from. They are Hoshizaki ice machines and Manitowoc ice machines. These brands have the best quality, reliability, and selection. Nothing can be more important that reliability if you run a busy restaurant or hotel. This article will go over details of things that you should look for when deciding on what to purchase. Keep in mind that it must fit your requirements for ice output and be small enough to fit in your desired location.

A machine that is user friendly is a must have. No one likes to be confused when using a new product or device. The same holds true for ice machines. Both Hoshizaki ice machines and Manitowoc ice machines are very user friendly. You can easily select different styles of cubes such as cubes, crescents, and nuggets. They also allow for easy access and removal of the ice.

In today's market, energy efficiency has become very important. Wasted electricity can be costly and wasteful. Now these companies sell ice makers that are compliant with energy efficiency rules. They are now much more energy efficient that older kinds of machines. Look for an ice machine labeled as an energy saver, and put some extra cash back in your pocket from the electricity bill savings. Another trick to saving energy is in the placement of the flake ice machine. A cool location that is not in direct sunlight is best. Keep that machine out of a hot kitchen to save money.

Many ice machines are now equipped with antimicrobial plastics and filters. This is great for the safety of your customers. Also be sure to do regular cleaning of the ice machines for best safety. A regular cleaning schedule not only eliminates harmful bacteria that could be growing, but it also lengthens the life of the machine by keeping it in good working order. An important step is to remove hard water build up. If this is done often, then it will not be as big a job for you. There are also sensors that should be cleaned. Sometimes it can be difficult to see how clean the machine is when it is wet. You can turn off the machine and let it dry to see if there is any white residue left. Regular cleaning saves on maintenance costs later. Remember to consider these things when purchasing Hoshizaki ice machines or Manitowoc ice machines. They are both good choices and built to last.

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