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Thermostatic bath series and its characteristics


TF - thermostatic bath series HX series super intelligent constant temperature circulator is also called the bath at low temperature is high precision constant temperature of the cooling and heating source. The factory production of low-temperature tank has horizontal and vertical two kinds, temperature control range from - 80 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, the volume can be five liters - 80 litres. The machine with internal and external circulation, can lead to the slot liquid in vitro and in vitro was set up two constant temperature field, temperature control accuracy in & plusmn; 0. 2 or less. This product has a compact structure, microcomputer intelligent control, touch soft key and stainless steel tank, etc. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instrument, physics, chemistry, biological engineering, medicine and health care, life science, light food, physical testing and chemical analysis and other research departments. Can be carried out within the bath temperature experiment, through the hose connected to other equipment, used as a source of constant temperature, such as rotary evaporator, electrophoresis system capillary, transblot system, chest cold, viscometer, medical cap, cooling blanket, etc. , or for other devices for circulating cooling, such as electron, ion pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump, microwave therapy apparatus, etc. , work for the user to provide a uniform temperature controlled heating and constant field source. Main characteristic

the totally enclosed compressor, air cooled import machine, refrigerating capacity;
function keys adopts touch soft keys;
can work in the slot for low temperature test or will irfpa groove cold liquid, cooling closed container experiment;
new design professional circuit, output, PID temperature control more accurate;
according to the principle of large space refrigeration, use the new improved evaporator, cool more quickly, more uniform temperature;
the tank, mesa are all stainless steel, clean sanitation, beautiful and corrosion resistance;
temperature, time, liquid crystal display;
bring overtemperature, poor temperature alarm function.
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