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There is a serious shortage of senior technicians for ice making machines in our country


  There is a serious shortage of senior technicians for ice making machines in my country

   In the previous article, we mentioned that my country’s ice making machine industry belt has gradually formed a broad market prospect and ice making machines are still emerging industries with huge market space. The article analyzes that although my country's ice making machines have developed by leaps and bounds, the technology of ice making machines needs to be improved, and the training of senior technicians should be emphasized.

   At present, the cold chain logistics development plan that my country has promulgated provides greater business opportunities for the ice machine industry. If manufacturers want to gain a competitive advantage, they must pay attention to energy efficiency, hygiene, and hygiene in product development. Safety and how to facilitate breakthroughs in key technologies such as ice removal.

   Due to the need for preservation, hygiene, and safety, the demand for ice in my country’s agricultural products, fresh food, seafood, and supermarket retail markets is increasing, driving the development of the ice making equipment industry. The growth rate is as high as about 20% to 30%.

   With the rapid development of the ice machine industry, we are also facing some urgent problems.

   One is the shortage of technical personnel, which has led to the improvement of the quality of domestic ice machine products and the difficulty in research and development. Most of the technicians in domestic ice machine companies have non-refrigeration professional backgrounds.

  Second, large-scale ice machines are difficult to open in the domestic market due to customer defaults and other reasons, and the energy consumption is obvious. New products such as ice crushers are urgently needed. At present, the crushed ice required in the sales process of domestic fresh food is the result of re-smashing the barreled ice and then secondary processing. This process is very energy intensive.

   Third, due to the low entry barrier of the small ice machine, the product quality varies.

   The lack of senior technicians is an important problem in my country's ice machine industry, which severely prevents the rapid development of my country's ice machine industry. Only by cultivating batch after batch of professional senior technicians, the quality of my country's ice machine products can be further improved and better products can be developed.

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