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Theoretical and Experimental Research on the Freezing Process of Household Ice Makers


  Theoretical and experimental research on the icing process of the household ice maker

   According to the working principle and structure of the household cbfi ice machine, the enthalpy method is used to establish a mathematical and physical model of the ice making process, using a fully implicit format Carry out finite difference numerical simulation research.

   conducted an experimental test on a household ice-making prototype, by changing the ambient temperature to observe the relationship between ice thickness and ice-making time, and comparing the experimental results with the numerical solution.

   The results show that the absolute value of the relative error between the numerical solution and the measured value is less than about 3%. When the ambient temperature is increased, the ice thickness of the finished product will decrease and the quality will decrease in the same time.

  [Keywords] cbfi ice machine, enthalpy method, finite difference, numerical simulation

  (ice spring cbfi ice machine)

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