The working principle of water chiller and names of the parts

by:CBFI     2020-10-12
Compressor condenser choke evaporator

1) Builders of higher market share, the host Settings equipment placed most should be domestic famous brands, and has many years of professional experience in production of vacuum freeze dryer. The price of the equipment should be in a senior, but also through the process carefully craft than to look for the degree of trade has been in the domestic draw the lyophilizer. Control system should be used in today's ancestors forward field touch screen and remote object machine two kinds of control mode, the request system unchanged, dominating the scouring, dominating only need to click on the button manually can open and close of parts, at the same time should also be set within the system have very thoughtful thou chain system, absolutely should not produce dominating by mistake. ( 2) Choose from efficacy and restraint system
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